Transfer & Graduate Student Housing Information

We are always excited to welcome transfer students into the residence halls! For students looking to build friendships and engage in the campus community quickly, living on campus makes these goals achievable and convenient. The experiences and knowledge that transfer students bring from former institutions is valuable and enriches our campus culture. We are eager to see what new experiences and learning the residence halls have in store for you as you join our community!

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What Should I Pack?

What housing options exist at Edgewood College for freshman?

Residence halls that are open to freshmen are: 

  • Marshall (singles/doubles)
  • Stevie (doubles/triples)
  • Regina West (singles)
  • Regina East (doubles)

I'm coming to Edgewood College, how can I apply for housing?

Students who are admitted to Edgewood College are able to complete an online or paper housing application.  Visit 

When is the housing application deadline? When will I hear back?

While there is no deadline, we recommend students submit a housing application as soon as they know that Edgewood College is one of their top college choices. Edgewood College does transfer housing assignments on a rolling basis. Fall housing assignments will be sent throughout the summer and spring assignments will be sent over winter break.

Is there a housing deposit?

There is no housing deposit for incoming freshman.

I would like to change my preferences or roommate requests--how can I do this?

To update a housing application, 
•    The student should go in and complete a new housing application with the updated preferences, using their previous username and password for the form.
•    If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please submit a new application and we will honor the most recent application.
If a prospective student wants to cancel their housing application, they should email the Office of Residence Life at

Will I be placed in my top hall choice?

Not necessarily. You should be comfortable with living in any of your top hall preferences. When signing your housing contract, you are not guaranteed a specific room or hall, and could be placed in any of our halls across campus. Transfer students coming to campus for second semester are also in a unique situation in which most of our students on campus are already placed, and we therefore we sometimes have limited availability. Don’t worry, though! All of our halls are awesome and we’re confident you’ll have an excellent experience and meet incredible people no matter where you live.

I don't think I'm going to like my roommate. What now?

1. Don't panic! 

2. We highly encourage you to meet your roommate and see how things go for the first month. Often times when students look beyond social media and really get to know each other here on campus, they have more in common than they think. 

3. Remember, your roommate does not have to be your best friend. (Sometimes, it actually works better that way!) You will meet lots of people here at Edgewood College and will find that you will make many connections in different places across campus. 

4. Key tips are keeping an open mind, communicating, and doing so face to face! 

Your RA and Area Director can be great resources for you once you move onto campus if you are experiencing difficulties with your roommate. However, they are not a substitute for talking to your roommate first. 

I have questions about my housing assignment. Who can I talk to?

Email us at and our next available Residence Life staff member will respond to your questions. You may also call the Office of Residence Life at 608-663-3228. We’re here Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the academic year. During the summer, we are open Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

What does my housing cost cover?

The following is included in the room and board fee:

  • Housing costs (space, heat, electricity, water) 
  • Furniture including: a bed, mattress, dresser and closet space, desk, desk chair) 
  • Internet connection
  • Cable TV connection
  • Laundry
  • If in a traditional residence hall space, the base bronze meal plan costs (meal dollars, administrative fee to cover labor and overhead costs.)
  • If in an apartment space, you will have access to a private kitchen. 

How much does the meal plan cost?

Students who live in the traditional residence halls are automatically placed on our base meal plan of 1400 meal dollars per semester which is included in the room and board fee.  Students may upgrade from the base plan to a 1600 or 1800 plan.  The meal plans give students meal dollars on their ID card per semester to use when and where (the café, cafeteria or concessions) they want to purchase food and convenience items. This plan will allow students:

  • The flexibility to use their meal dollars at Wingra Café, Eddy's C-Store, and Phil’s Dining Hall.
  • The ability to purchase meals for guests with their meal dollars.
  • The ability to use dollars as their diet dictates (i.e. one week a student may choose to eat more meals than another week.)

All residents living in a traditional residence hall (Marshall, Regina West, Stevie, Dominican and Regina East) are required to be on the meal plan. Supplemental meal dollars may be purchased for those who need additional dollars. The cost for the supplemental plan is billed to the student’s account. Any unused meal dollars are forfeited at the end of each semester. 

Residents living in apartment spaces are not required to be on the meal plan, but rather have access to a private kitchen. They may add money to their cards through purchasing a commuter meal plan. Students can do this through our Business Office. 

How do I pay for housing?

Semester room and board charges are included on your Edgewood College bill.

What should I bring?

Refer to our list here for packing ideas.

What size bedding/sheets should I buy?

Twin XL sized sheets and comforter will fit all of our beds. Twin XL can be purchased at any box or retail store.

Should I buy my own printer?

You can, but it is not necessary.  Each student who lives on campus will have access to printers in our residence halls, computer labs and academic spaces where they can pay for printing with their ID card. All students receive money on their card at the beginning of each semester as part of their tuition. 

Can my pet stay with me in my room?

The only pets students are allowed to have in their rooms are fish in up to a 10 gallon tank. 

Can I have guests stay in my room?

Yes, students may have guests. Specific questions can be addressed to the Residence Life Office or a student’s RA. 

Do all of the halls have air conditioning?

All of our halls have air conditioning, except Marshall Hall. Marshall is a wonderful place to live though, and one of our strongest communities on campus! Usually the hot weather only lasts for the first and last few weeks of the academic year. During these few weeks, students are more than welcome to bring fans to help cool their rooms. 

Will my hall have a laundry room?

Yes, every residence hall has a laundry room and laundry is included in your room and board fee so no coins or extra cash are needed!

Will my hall have a kitchen?

Yes, every traditioanl residence hall has a kitchen. Location varies by building, but each kitchen has a stove, an oven, a full size refrigerator, and a microwave available for students to use.  

In apartment communities, each apartment or co-op has its own kitchen. 

Where can I study?

All of our halls include lounges and we have many academic spaces and a library on campus so you are never far from a great study spot! 

Can I park my car on campus?

Yes, please visit our Transportation Office (located in Weber Apartments) for more details. 

How will I get around in Madison?

There are three popular ways students travel on campus: 
1. Walking—Most students choose this option, and the average walk is under 15 minutes. 
2. Biking—Madison is a very bike friendly city, with many bike lanes and paths. 
3. Busing—Every student can purchase a discounted bus pass that can be used on all Madison Metro Buses. 
Visit Transportation Services (located in Weber Apartments) for more information about getting around. 

What is hall security like?

All of our halls have electronic locking systems on exterior doors, so only residents who live in the residence halls are able to swipe in and access the building. Residents are also issued keys to their assigned rooms and are highly encouraged to keep their room doors locked.  Security cameras and recording devices are located across campus.  Security staff is available 24/7 and we have Residence Life staff on duty daily.

How do I write my residence hall address?

Your address for mail and packages is as follows. Students are notified via email and pick up mail in the central college mail room, located in DeRicci Hall: 

Student Name 
1000 Edgewood College College Drive
Madison, WI 53711